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Date: Friday, July 5, 2024

Kisan-Kavach® is an anti-pesticide fabric capable of deactivating pesticides upon contact. This would prevent the myriad ill-effects of pesticide exposure on farmers’ health such as vomiting, breathing disorders, tremors, vision loss, muscle pain and weakness, loss of endurance and in some instances – death. These findings are reported in a research article in the latest edition of the journal Nature Communications, where Dr. Praveen Kumar Vemula is a senior author, and Mahendra K. Mohan, the lead author of the work.

The work has been covered by Kannanda Daily Prajavani, English Daily Bangalore Mirror, National English Newspaper The Hindu and a Kannada podcast, Janasuddi.

In the pre-clinical studies conducted on rats, the researchers tested the protection their anti-pesticide fabric could confer. The material of Kisan Kavach® successfully prevented neuronal damage, loss of muscle function or endurance, and death. More importantly, it could detoxify the majority of commonly used pesticides in India, including the notorious organophosphates.

Kisan Kavach® is washable and reusable fabric which can be used at least one year by the farmer and would cost as much as their daily clothing. The bulk manufacturing of this is being handled by the start-up Sepio Health.