Cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of mortality in India. At inStem, we aim to understand the fundamental process of cardiovascular disease through developmental mechanisms with an integrated workflow that streamlines the dissection of the molecular basis and therapeutic targets of CVD in Indian populations. This includes (1) the Indian-specific gene discovery in CVD and generating patient-specific stem cell resources ;(2) pathophysiological and drug studies using stem cell lines and model organisms; (3) high-resolution structural biology and microscopy to study molecules and structures related to heart; (4) Cardiovascular developmental mechanisms; (5)Tools for matured cardiovascular cell-types derivations and single-molecule biophysical techniques to probe functions.

Our research brings together unique expertise in human genetics and cardiomyopathies (Perundurai), biophysical studies of the cytoskeleton (Sirajuddin), stem cells and cardiovascular development (Inamdar), further strengthened by our collaborations with clinical collaborators and visiting faculty (Shivaramakrishnan). Leveraging our combined expertise we aim to enhance existing disease modelling pipelines that will facilitate in-depth studies on cardiovascular development and disease, especially in locally relevant and accessible formats.

Prof. Maneesha Inamdar Dr. Dhandapany Perundurai Dr. Minhaj Sirajuddin



Associated Faculty - Prof. Maneesha Inamdar,Dr.Dhandapany Perundurai,Dr.Minhaj Sirajuddin,Prof.Sivaraj Sivaramakrishna