Research at the Bangalore Life Science Cluster, which includes NCBS, inStem and CCAMP, spans a diverse range of questions and approaches in the broad area of life sciences. The Research Development Office (RDO) was created to facilitate research and training at the Cluster, via enabling research funding. The office now offers a concerted mechanism for managing these activities across the three member institutes of the Bangalore Life Science Cluster.
The Sponsored research team at the RDO provides comprehensive support to campus researchers with securing research funding from local and international sources and management of grants and awards. We also undertake outreach to all the funding agencies supporting campus research. Looking to the future, we recognize that research at the Cluster would be best served by a mixed funding portfolio. To this end, we have put in place mechanisms to reach out to philanthropic donors and also to corporate sources to fund areas of campus research, which might have translatable outcomes. These additional means of funding campus research would add to the considerable support we receive from the Government of India and other agencies. 
The Development Activities team within the RDO has initiated the process of creating an endowment fund and a fundraising target  for the campus. The team also administers the Infosys Travel Awards and TT Narasimhan Travel Awards in conjunction with the Academic Office.

Work at the RDO is made possible by a well-knit group of dynamic and professional individuals, entrepreneurial in spirit and firmly committed to offering several key services to the campus at the boundaries of science, management and outreach. With a vibrant team, emerging opportunities on the campus and new connections on the outside, we look forward to a rewarding journey further ahead.

  • A decade of RDO operations on the BLiSC campus