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inStem has pioneered creating a vibrant ecosystem for inventions and innovations coming from an academic setting, that moves towards translation. The institute has a vibrant, entrepreneurial vibe and several inventions and innovations have led to seed-funding for startups, or have been transferred to industry partners. We aim to be the most desired location for nucleating the biotech startup ecosystem in India.

Examples of translatable inventions that have come from original inStem-based research include: new blue-fluorescent proteins with a wide range of photophysical properties, small-molecule libraries that can be used to target protein-protein interactions, prophylactic technologies to protect farmers from pesticide exposure, chemical molecules to treat inflammatory bowel disease, fluorescent probes to detect protein or organelle activity in cells, molecules to modify therapy for osteoarthritis, painless injection needles, anti-aging peptides, cell-based screening platforms for cytoskeletal function, high-accuracy biosensors for SARS-CoV-2 and many more. More details on some of these examples of technologies developed in inStem can be found here. Many more innovations and inventions are continuously emerging from our research. We have a streamlined process for patenting and technology transfer, and we welcome inquiries from innovators who want to work with us.

We also work very closely with our sister institute, the DBT supported Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP), with which we share a contiguous campus. CCAMP  is “a catalyst of cutting-edge research and innovation in the life sciences since 2009”, and supports a range of start-up, entrepreneurship programs and seed funding as well as a host of biotech companies. Several innovations from inStem have led to DBT supported entrepreneurial grants (Biotechnology Ignition Scheme Grant (BIG), and other seed funding) leading to spin-off companies based in CCAMP.