Tata Institute for Genetics and Society (TIGS-CI) is looking for a research assistant to help with literature survey on Human malaria vectors in India. This position is based in Bangalore but may require significant amount of travelling to collect information from different locations in India. Candidates must show initiative, excellent communication skills and to ask relevant questions during surveys and data collection trips.

Research Assistant position for 3 Months (Starting immediately or till position is filled)

Students interested in the Life Sciences, Ecology, Vector Biology

Essential qualification: Master’s degree in Life Sciences/ Zoology/Ecology. Highly motivated & committed

Preferably experienced in GIS Interested in travelling to collect and accurately record information.

Salary: As per norms of institute

If interested: please send I) CV with email, phone and Skype details, II) why you should be hired for this position, III) contact information of 2 referees.

Emails with only CV attached will not be considered.

Please send your emails to Dr Pankaj Gupta at guptap@instem.res.in

Application deadline: January 30, 2019

Status of Position: Closed