TitleSingle step fabrication of hollow microneedles and an experimental package for controlled drug delivery.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsGhate V, Renjith A, Badnikar K, Pahal S, Jayadevi SN, Nayak MM, Vemula PK, Subramanyam DN
JournalInt J Pharm
Date Published2022 Dec 24

Hollow microneedle arrays (HMNs) are an excellent choice for managing chronic diseases requiring the administration of multiple drug doses over a prolonged duration. However, HMNs have gained partial success due to limitations in their manufacturing capabilities, and cumbersome processes. In the present study, polymeric HMNs were fabricated using a novel single-step drop-casting process without needing cleanroom facilities, and sophisticated instrumentation. When drop casted on the pyramidal tip stainless steel needles, the optimized polymer solution allowed the reproducible formation of desired height HMMs on a detachable acrylic base. To enable broader applications, the base with HMNs was integrated into an experimental package built to deliver a dose of ∼ 5 µL per 30° clockwise rotation of the actuator, allowing multiple metered drug dose administrations. The fabricated HMNs were optically imaged, and tested for mechanical integrity and stability. The working and functional utility of the HMNs package in delivering metered drug doses was demonstrated by delivering vitamin B12 (ex vivo) and insulin (in vivo), respectively. The optimized process can be used for the large-scale manufacturing of HMNs and the experimental package shows the potential to be further developed into a wearable device.

Alternate JournalInt J Pharm
PubMed ID36574913