In keeping with the collaborative philosophy of InStem, last year we had initiated Collaborative Science Chairs to enable rapid expansion of cutting edge activities on campus.

Collaborative Science Chairs (CSC) are accomplished leaders in their field of research and permanent faculty at institutions elsewhere in the world. CSCs work on collaborative projects with scientists at InStem, which extend the scope of the host laboratories current work significantly. This program has attracted senior leading scientists to the environment for a collaborative engagement that covers 5 years of periodic visits and joint projects at inStem.

The current Collaborative Science Chairs at InStem are

  • Jim Spudich (Stanford), a world-renowned biophysical cell biologist has set up a team project in cardiomyopathies with inStem investigators John Mercer, K. VijayRaghavan, Maneesha Inamdar, Ken Suzuki and Kouichi Hasegawa.
  • Jeff Abramson (UCLA), has initiated a new project in membrane protein structure with S. Ramaswamy. 
  • Ashok Venkitaraman (Cambridge), has been awarded a major collaborative grant to set up a new Center for Chemical Biology and Therapeutics on the Biocluster campus.
  • Peter Kind and Siddharthan Chandran, collaborate with Prof. Sumantra Chatterjee to establish the Center for Brain Development and Repair

These collaborations will spearhead our interdisciplinary efforts to generate a vibrant atmosphere of international exchanges as well as to give strong impetus to our programs on campus.