The Post-Doctoral Fellows Association (PDFA) is a voluntary organisation to address issues relevant to postdocs. These include, but are not limited to:

    opportunities for professional advancement and training
    community building and social networking

We typically meet once a month to discuss administrative issues. Members are encouraged to pick a subject or issue that interests them and follow up on it, with assistance from others. Additionally, as group activities develop, we meet more often to plan events.

If you are considering doing a postdoc here, visit our FAQ page for information on living and working conditions.

If you are new to campus, and would like to socialize or discuss something outside of the monthly meeting please email (pdfa at ncbs dot res dot in).

You can also connect to our Linked-In group.

If you are visiting campus to interview, and would like to include meeting some of the postdocs on campus, please speak to your host about it, as well as drop us an email so we can coordinate it with your host. (pdfa at ncbs dot res dot in)