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Post Docs - 11th Undergraduate Lecture Series 2024

Lecture Series in Advanced Biology 2024

Theme: Funneling into Biology

Coordinators:  Atal Vats, Girish Kumar G.S.

Date, Time, and Venue: 05th May - 07th July 2024, Every Sunday 10AM to 1PM at NCBS, Bengaluru campus

Brief Introduction:

The PhD and Postdoctoral community of NCBS and inStem brings the 11th edition of lecture series where we introduce research based learning of biology through interactive sessions and activities. Our idea is to build concepts and foster analytical thinking amoung the undergrad students.

The theme of this year's lecture series is "Funneling into Biology", where we will discuss the various interdisciplinary approaches towards answering questions in Biology. Biology as a field has contributions from mathematicians, chemists and physicists for various seminal discoveries. How do these various fields converge to solve problems in biology? Our aim for the series is to understand the experimental approaches for already answered questions and urge the students to think independently about using various concepts in science and maths to uncover and understand biological phenomena.

The series promises exciting lectures to understand the theme and invoke ideas in the young minds which will pave a way for their potential future research careers. This is best suited for undergraduate students of any discipline who have an interest in biology. However, master students are encouraged to apply as well. Preference will be given to applicants in their 2nd/3rd year B.Sc, 2nd-4th year B.Tech and 1st year M.Sc due to limited capacity. Evaluation of applicants will be based on eligibility and their responses in the registration form. 

Registration deadline: 31st March 2024 

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Results to be announced on 16th April 2024! Stay tuned


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