Laboratory of Self-Assembled Biomaterials and Translational Research

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My lab’s central theme is to exploit the potential of self-assembled prodrug-based nanomaterials (soft and hard hybrid biomaterials) as ‘next-generation biomaterials’ in the field of translational research to solve unmet biomedical needs.

Along with TAS Team vision, our lab is focused to develop self-assembled biomaterials based two major platform technologies for efficient delivery of nucleic acids and small molecular drugs.

Potential broad applications of platform biomaterials for nucleic acid delivery:

After developing a library of biomaterials that can deliver nucleic acids efficiently in multiple cell lines, we will collaborate with multiple groups at InStem, NCBS and elsewhere to broaden the scope of this technology. 

Although several nanotechnology based therapeutics have been approved for clinical use to date, among these first generation products, liposomal drugs and polymer-drug conjugates are two dominant classes. However, self-assembled soft materials are seldom seen in this area due to some intrinsic limitations. Thus, my lab aims to overcome major hurdles in bringing self-assembled biomaterials into clinical applications.

My lab is primarily focused on developing novel concepts and biomaterials to solve unmet biomedical and clinical needs. (Lab webpage)