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Novel signalling regulators of cardiomyopathy

“Approximately 50% of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy cases are idiopathic without any known sarcomeric gene variants. Regarding the Indian subcontinent, the genetics of cardiomyopathy cases are poorly explored. My focus in the lab is on understanding novel signaling genes in Indians causing cardiomyopathy. Harnessing the genomics approach in the lab, we identified newer signaling candidate gene variants. To validate these variants, I use in vitro models such as iPSCs-cardiomyocytes, in vivo models such as flies, and tools like western blotting, Immunofluorescence (confocal), RT-PCR, Crispr-cas9 system, etc. My work could give insight towards new genes and signaling mechanisms involved in cardiomyopathy and aids in precision medicine.”

Pratul Kumar Jain

PhD Student (ICMR-SRF)