Women's cell “Internal complaints committee”

The NCBS campus, including NCBS, INSTEM, and C-CAMP, has a Women's cell, which serves the role of the "Internal Complaints Committee".

Its members currently (Dec 2016) are


Designation Email-Id

Prof. Uma Ramakrishnan (NCBS)

Chairperson uramakri at ncbs.res.in

Dr. Srikala Raghavan (inStem)

Faculty Representative

srikala at instem.res.in

Dr. Minhajuddin Sirajuddin (inStem)

Faculty Representative

minhaj at instem.res.in

Sandeep Krisha (NCBS)

Faculty Representative

  sandeep at ncbs.res.in

Dr. Vikas Kumar (C-Camp)

Faculty Representative

vikask at ccamp.res.in

Dr. Harleen Kaur (NCBS)

Admin Respresentative

harleenk at ncbs.res.in

Ms. Shobha R (inStem)

Admin Respresentative

shobhar at instem.res.in

Ms. Savitha KS (NCBS)

Admin Respresentative

savitha at ncbs.res.in

Ms. Vrinda Ravikumar (NCBS)

Student Representative

vrindark at ncbs.res.in

Mr. Pawan K.Kaushik (NCBS)

Student Representative

pawannk at ncbs.res.in

Mr. Ketan Thorat(NCBS)

Postdoctral Student Representative

thoratkv at instem.res.in

Dr. Sanchari Bannerjee (inStem)

Postdoctral Student Representative

sancharib at instem.res.in

The women's cell works to ensure a safe work environment, and to provide a mechanism for looking into situations of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Any issues relating to sexual harassment at the workplace can be brought to any of these members in confidence. In addition, do not hesitate to bring such matters to any member of the faculty or senior administration.

The women's cell has been reconstituted to broaden its representation and include external member(s). With input from experts from NGO representatives, we are actively developing a more comprehensive procedure for handling of sexual harassment cases.

Click here for “Campus Sexual Harassment Guidelines and Process for Redressal”

Emergency Numbers

In case of emergency dial 08067176666 or 08023666666 or 09686375064 .